The Mountain Mercy Project needs your support!  We are looking for businesses, organizations and individuals to join with us in making a difference.  If you are interested in partnering with us, please call us at (209) 586 – 0700 or send an email to

Rhema International

RHEMA International has a small medical clinic and maternity hospital in Bocozelle, a rural region in the Artibonite River Valley, located approximately 70 miles north of Port-au-Prince.  They faithfully have delivered over a thousand babies in the last few years and are blessed to say they have not lost one baby or mother.  They tend to the medical needs of this growing community on a daily basis, seeing over 150 patients a day.

Fishers of Men Ministry
Fisher’s of Men Ministries

Fishers of Men Ministries is an organization that founded and oversees over 25 regional schools and churches in the island, as well as a church in downtown Port-au-Prince, with over 7500 in attendance on Sundays.  Their schools and churches feed over 1500 children a day.  Their home campus is located in downtown Port-au-Prince and suffered great loss, physically and personally.  Over 30 people were crushed under the collapsed roof of their church building while conducting a Bible class, along with many of their 7500 members’ families losing loved ones.

Dawn Wilk, serving in Africa

Dawn Wilk is working as an R.N. in several different medical clinics that Iris Ministries started around the Pemba area of Mozambique.  She is helping mothers and babies that are severely malnourished, and travels to several clinics to provide medical care for the world’s poorest people.  Dawn does not want to be a financial burden on Iris Ministries, so is looking for financial support through friends and Mountain Mercy Project.






In response to the deadly typhoon in the Philippines on Nov. 8 & 9, 2013, MMP is now partnering with Christ Faith Fellowship in the Philippines, which has been under the leadership of Bishop Edgar Bantigue and his wife, Dr. Edna Bantigue for over 2 decades.  They have started over 300 churches on the different islands in the Philippines. Of course, the immediate needs are great right now, as these churches reach out to help the devastated people in their areas.
If you would like to donate toward the needs in the Philippines, you may send a check noted “Philippines” directly to MMP, or make a donation online and designate it for the Philippines.

unloading goods for Bantayan island

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