A Message from the new President of Mountain Mercy Project, Gaetano (“G”) DeMattei

September 24th, 2012 by Mel Leave a reply »

I was asked in April if I would be interested in taking over Mountain Mercy Project.  At first, I could not understand why they would ask an old carpenter with no computer skills, no writing skills, and who hates asking people for money, to take over a fund-raising organization.  Nevertheless, the more I thought about it, I realized that I do want to get involved because I have always had an overwhelming desire to help the poorest people in the world.

In early 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti.  Five weeks later, my son David and I went to Port-au-Prince to help Pastor Jay Threadgill pour 600 yards of concrete and put up a 20,000 sq. ft. tent.  The next Sunday, four thousand Haitians showed up for church, thrilled and praising God for the meager accommodations they had.  A new love for the people of this impoverished nation was birthed in my heart.

Since the earthquake, I have been blessed to make more trips to help in Haiti.  Rhema’s Maternity Hospital in Bocozelle now has a new Pharmacy building.  When I asked the doctor working there what more we could do to help, he answered that if had had more medicine, or money to buy medicine, he could treat many more patients.  Such a simple thing for us here in the United States to get medicine—such a frustrating, limiting struggle for him in Haiti.  I am sure the same is true in many devastated areas around the world.

I agreed to get involved with Mountain Mercy Project as the new President and COO because every penny we raise goes directly to the missionary groups we support—no overhead costs or administrative fees to cover.  That is because everyone else involved in MMP has the same heart as I do:  a heart to help those so much less fortunate than us—in Haiti, in Africa, and wherever else the Lord leads us to offer a helping hand.

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