MMP News – October 15, 2012

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Gaetano (“G”) DeMattei is spending the month of October in Haiti working for the Rhema Maternity Hospital in Bocozelle, a small village 70 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

G’s project in Bocozelle was to prepare a large shed at the hospital to be able to store many thousands of meals that are being donated to Rhema by “Kids Against Hunger”.  The meals will be distributed to local villagers throughout the year, and will be a great blessing to the impoverished Haitians.  Harry Gruits, son of Rhema founder Patricia Gruits, was instrumental in creating this wonderful alliance between Rhema and Kids Against Hunger.

The shed was in a state of great disrepair, so G first had to create a clear access to the shed, which took him a couple of days in the Haitian heat.  Next step was to spend many days clearing out the shed of years of accumulated “stuff.”  During this process, G also had to convince multitudes of cockroaches, mice, and gigantic tarantulas that they should move out of the shed permanently!

Finally, the shed was ready for a new, critter-proof concrete floor.  With the help of a Haitian crew, the huge 20’ x 40’ slab was poured successfully and is now awaiting delivery of the meals at the end of October.

The next project for G in Bocozelle is to do repairs on the residence near the hospital.  He will be fixing a leaky roof, the ceiling in a bathroom, and some plumbing problems.  Please keep him and the hospital in your prayers, and thank you for your support, which allows the hospital to pay for the materials for these much-needed repairs.

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