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Dawn Wilk, our nurse in Africa, spent two years working for Iris Ministries in Pemba, Mozambique.  During this time she went on several trips giving medical aid to people deep in the remote “bush-bush” of Africa, worked at the Iris orphanage, and helped start and run a Milk Clinic for malnourished babies.

Now she is working in Madagascar.  She has founded a new home called “Akany Laza”, for moms and their babies to live in while they learn to care for and restore their malnourished babies’ health.  She also ministers to many, many families who live at the local dump, and is a nurse at the Iris orphanage.





In Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Jay Threadgill and his church of 5,000+ are doing very well.  Every Sunday the 34,000 sq. ft. building that Mountain Mercy Project helped to build is filled with worshippers.  Last Easter, your donations helped to repair major flood damage that threatened this building, and it is safe and secure again.  Jay’s ministry also feeds and educates 3500 kids, 5 days a week, at 22 locations.

He held his annual Mardi Gras Crusade and Leadership Conference the first week of February, and as you can see from the picture below, it was a huge success for the Lord!







The maternity hospital in Bocozelle, Haiti (70 miles north of Port-Au-Prince) that is run by Rhema International  and supported by Mountain Mercy Project, is making a great difference to the 52 villages it serves, thanks to your faithful donations.   Hundreds of women each year are able to have their babies in a safe environment where they can have medical care, receive immunizations, and be educated about caring for their babies.  Rhema International also gets thousands of meals shipped in every year that we are able to give to the patients at the hospital and to feed hundreds of children at the local orphanages.

G DeMattei and Greg Garro visited the hospital in Bocozelle, Haiti during February with Harry Gruits (from Rhema International).   The hospital needs several repairs and upgrades, and Mountain Mercy Project is using your donations to support these projects.  Greg was able to examine the electrical system and the solar panel system at the hospital to lay out plans for repairs to come soon.  While G and Greg were there, both the hospital generator and bus broke down.  G was able to use Mountain Mercy Project funds to replace the generator, which is now up and running again.  He is in the process of getting the bus repaired, which is critical to deliver meals to the different orphanages and to get supplies out to the hospital.  Again, without your donations, these things would not be possible, so thank you and God bless you!

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