Mountain Mercy Project and Sonora Regional Medical Center Send Medical Staffers to Continue Medical Support in Haiti

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Caleb Kirk & Dawn Wilk

Caleb Kirk (26, of Sierra Village) and Dawn Wilk (22, of Sonora) have arrived in Haiti on behalf of the Mountain Mercy Project to assist Fishers of Men Ministries medical needs. The medical team duo left for Haiti on February 12, and return to the United States on March 1. Caleb and Dawn both possess necessary skills to assist in the triage clinic and will be on-call full time during their stay.

Sonora Regional Medical Center is covering expenses for Caleb, who is a Certified Nurses Aide and past employee. Mountain Mercy Project is covering expenses for Dawn Wilk, currently employed at Sonora Regional Medical Center as a Registered Nurse. The team will also be joined by Gaetano DeMattei of Sierra Village to assist with on-site construction and repairs at Fishers of Men as well as RHEMA International.

“Our primary goal is to bring the love of God to Haiti as the country remembers the one year anniversary of the tragic earthquake” said Caleb Kirk. “Next, we want to assist the overworked medical staff at Fishers of Men and provide them with all the support we can offer.”

“There is still such a great need in Haiti – even one year after the earthquake,” said Dawn Wilk. “Hopefully people do not forget that this country sill needs us, and people will feel compelled to keep supporting Haiti as they recover from the devastation.”

1,501 Christmas Boxes for the Children of Haiti

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The Mountain Mercy Project would like to thank Word of Life Fellowship and the businesses and individuals who donated money, time and supplies to pack and ship over 1500 gift boxes to Haiti for Christmas 2010. Packed full of clothing, toiletries, toys and candy, these boxes are very special to the kids in Haiti. “The kids look forward to these boxes every year. It’s a big deal for them to get these, as it’s really all they get for Christmas,” said Project Supervisor Jen Milbourne. The boxes were packed by the Word of Life junior church, and then shipped to Haiti in time for Christmas. The efforts for Christmas 2011 are already underway. If you are interested in providing donations for a Christmas box, please call the Word of Life office at (209) 586 – 7005.

Remembering Haiti a Year Later

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It is hard to believe, but a full year has passed since the devastating earthquake shook the nation of Haiti to its core. While the majority of people have forgotten this catastrophic event, there are still many people working tirelessly to bring aid, hope and love to a country that still lies in ruins. The Mountain Mercy Project receives regular correspondence from many of these people, and today we continue our pledge to help them – even after the cameras and the media have gone home. We want to thank any and all who have given to the Mountain Mercy Project, your support means so much to the people of Haiti. There is still a tremendous amount of work and restoration that needs to take place, and we will continue to help meet the challenge.

MMP At the Home and Garden Show This Weekend (March 20 – 21)

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The Mountain Mercy Project will have a booth at the Tuolumne County Home and Garden Show this weekend. Stop by the booth to say hello and get more information on how you can get involved. Our booth is located between the Y and Z booth.

Saturday Hours:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sunday Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location: Tuolumne County Fairgrounds

MMP Sends Father & Son Team To Help Rebuild Efforts in Haiti

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G & David DeMattei

Mi Wuk Village, CA – March 1, 2009 – The Mountain Mercy Project today announced that Gaetano “G” DeMattei and his son David have arrived safely in Port-Au-Prince to assist in the rebuilding of Haiti in the wake of the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake. Under the leadership of Apostle Jay Threadgill, G and David will help erect temporary shelter for the coming rainy season, rebuild a church that was destroyed, as well as provide medical care to patients in the organization’s medical clinic.

Download the Press Release here: MMP_DeMattei_Release_20100301

Letter From Dr. Fertil

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Dr FertilDear Rhema,

On January 12, 2010 at about 5p.m., we felt the earthquake during a weekly staff meeting. We were all frightened. Each time the earth quaked (aftershocks) we could hardly believe what was happening. I even tried to stand during one of the many aftershocks and could not. I never experienced anything like it. My heart began to palpitate as I took my cell phone out to call my family in Port au Prince. After 2 hours of trying to contact my family I realized something was terribly wrong. Every staff member was calling their families with no success. It was impossible. Many of the staff began to cry…I simply have no words to describe what we felt.

Not knowing what to do, I packed my clothes and decided to go to Port au Prince. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I had no car and public transportation had ended over an hour ago. Reluctantly, I went to the residency, switched on the radio and began to hear about the collapse of the National Palace and the Justice Palace. I could not hold my tears. I was thinking that it must be impossible for my wife and my daughter, brothers, uncles, aunts and many friends who live in Port au Prince to be safe.

Early the next day, about 3:00 am, I got up and started walking toward Port au Prince. I waited for the first car to pass, which took me to St. Marc and then another to go to Port au Prince. I was not able to hold my tears…all the passengers in the bus did the same. It was incredible!

When we were about 15 km from Port au Prince I began to see severe devastation. I can still see the dead laying all around me. As we arrived in Port au Prince I couldn’t believe me eyes…from the bus station to where I live I came across death about every 2 or 3 meters in the street. It was the first time I had ever seen anything like this. It wasn’t a fiction film – it was real. It was indescribable!

From a distance I saw what “was” my home. My emotions were so high, but I heard a familiar cry. My wife was calling me saying, “God has blessed us…God has blessed our family.” My house was gone but my wife and daughter were safe. As I approach them I could see my brothers. I could not say a word! I was overwhelmed with so many different emotions that were stuck in my throat.

My family and I walked for three days, sleeping in the moonlight, waking up at every aftershock, it seemed impossible to make our way back to Bocozelle. Public transportation was not available.\

On January 18th, my family and I finally found public transportation and safely made our way to the hospital in Bocozelle. We are safe…put my family still suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you for your support!